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Aug. 25th, 2011

Work is so up and down. I still feel supremely ineffective most days. There is rarely a win at the moment. I hope and pray daily that I'm not stuffing them up permanently. But still a Reading Assessment on He-Who-Is-Lovely-But-Really-Behind shows that he has started to using sounding out as a strategy. He never used to at the beginning of the year. He would Appeal all unknown words in his reading. Now he tries to sound out not just the first letter, but up to the first three.

This is an 11.5yo in Year 6 who is reading at a level most children surpass by the time they are 6yo. Lovely kid but just ... slow. But I think Wendy (teacher aide) and I may have taught him a new skill. He might not be able to read the word tunnel again tomorrow because he's forgotten it (again) but he'll still be sounding out. He has the skill!

So while this is fabulous and heartening it's only such a small spot in a day filled with drama with one child suspended for 3 days and one on a disciplinary take home. Here's the bit that annoys me.

"You play favourites with the girls!"

You know what - I don't it's just that the girls aren't being super-sonically loud the way YOU TWO are so I don't tell them to be quiet! Why would I!?! These two kids have a strong sense of justice, I understand that, but what they don't seem to understand is that when they argue back and stop the learning - I don't argue back, they just keep going so much I can't even talk - is that all they are doing is dropping themselves further in it and drawing my attention away from anything any girls may be doing that I should action!

It's very disheartening. :(

I am trying to write fic, truly.

Aug. 15th, 2011

So. Why is SIYE down? This irritates me. I was going to post fic.

Interwebz fail.

Work tomorrow. It's challenging but I think I can get through it. Maybe. All my kids are screwed in the head. It makes it really hard.

I was told by Miss-I'm-An-Attention-Seeker on Friday that I just explained the maths all badly and (I quote) "We should get my mum to come in an explain it. She'd do it better than you."

I then ripped into her for not actually *looking* at the demonstration I was doing with the current small group of four students. "Maybe if you were actually paying attention instead of staring at the carpet and playing with your eraser, the explanation would have made sense!"

She was suitably chastised and ... wouldn't you know it, actually got the concept after the fourth explanation of the concept.

It was scale. You know, if you want to represent a line of 1km when working with a scale 1cm=5km you use 2mm to draw 1km. So if you want 6km you draw 6 lots of 2 mm ... which is you know ... 12 mm. I've been working on scale for three weeks and, quite frankly rather discouraged that they still don't seem to understand. I even asked the teacher support worker in there at the time. 'Am I explaining this badly? Because I don't think I am explaining this badly. I thought it was pretty clear." She was like, no, it's pretty clear.

They are just stupendously lazy. Seriously I hate to say it but their work ethic is sooooooooooo low that they just expect it handed to them or something and won't spend the time to work something out even if they have all the tools. If I ask them a question that is easily calculated they just put their hands up adn guess. When I tried to go through a concept one step at a time so everyone could do the work i got kids just jumping to guessing the answer.

No. I want you to know HOW to do this, not just stick up your hand and randomly say "40!"

I want SIYE to come back up. I knew I shoulda posted it elsewhere ... :P
I am feeling like a hideously ineffective teacher. People tell me I'm not but I can't help thinking they are just being nice because they are stuck with me anyway and don't need my moody ass around the place in addition to my ineffectivity.

Yes I have had some successes, but there's a lot I'm stuffing up. I hope I haven't messed up the education of these poor kids with my ineffectiveness ... :(

Now they feel betrayed ...

... because I'm 'one of the we love h/g people' and I let H/L in. This is beyond ridiculous. Where did these people come from? Luna is a trollop now?

Newsflash - Harry dumped her - he's the bad guy! It's doing my head in.

(I told them to stop reading)

They're killin' my muse!

ETA: Is there some sort of underground anti-Harry/Luna group that is being pointed to this fic for the express purposes of derailing it? Who knew so many people had a problem with harry having gone out with Luna for less than six months! I wish they would stop. I don't want to hear it.

This was NOT the point of posting it at SIYE!

ETA2: That's it. I'm done. Sick of the one liner criticism. At least make it bloody constructive if you are going to provide a critique. So now I have nowhere to post fics, really. ff.net is too hard to interface with - I find it tiresome. SIYE apparently now is host to idiots. PuffySubmariner is all but dead and there's no way to get an 'audience' posting on my LJ. There is no forum for me to share my fics.

Not that this one will be finished.

Wherein I cling madly to my muse ...

Some of you may have read a story I started posting oh ... sometime last year I think it was. I think I finally broke through the writer's block and started posting it on SIYE - partly as an encouragement to myself to finish it. (Now I have to hope I can finish the blasted thing!) Anyway in Chapter 2 Harry is a perpetually unlucky in love bachelor who mentions that he should never have broken up with his girlfriend in sixth year whom he went out with for almost 6 months. It happens that for the purposes of the story I made this girlfriend Luna. Harry is now entirely besotted with Ginny, having seen her for all of five minutes and is plotting ways to 'get her' as it were.

I'm not saying it's the best story out there but it's a bit of fun and CLEARLY marked AU. Yet I've got several readers who are claiming they are almost physically ill at the idea that he went out with Luna and is still pining for her and I've either a) ruined the story by including this or b) they cannot keep reading.

1) He's not still pining for her - despite what he said in the first half of Chapter 2, he's got a severe thing for Ginny by the end of Chapter 2!
2) If a fic is marked AU it is okay that it doesn't actually match canon. That's kind of the point.

I just don't get it. It's a sure fire way to whack that writers block back up though - yeah I really wanna finish this fic now in the face of "Ohmigosh I can't read anything where Harry looked at Luna!" They're friends, he did go on a date with her, it's not entirely inconceivable and it's AU.

That's my little mini-rant right there ... here's hoping the muse didn't fly straight back out again!

After second viewing ... Harry Potter!!!!!

It's not a spoiler or a surprise to say that some of this movie is different to the book. I know that no one (unless they've been living at the bottom of the Black Lake) can be expecting something to have every last little bit in there. But for the most part it works, it has The. Best. Bits.

And it is Epic. I think you're all gunna love it. If there's something that you wanted that is missed, there will be something else there that they didn't miss. I have been checking it against canon and the moments we wanted word for word - the core parts, are there. With the right words if not exactly word for word they are so close. Close enough to count.

Could they have put more in? Well sure, but does it matter that they didn't? Not overall.
Ask me later the bit that drove/drives me nuts .

Neville, Snape and Molly Get. Their. Moment.

But we've got fanfic, we don't have to say goodbye. I'm off to write some fiction during the school holidays. I think it'll have Neville in it ...

Harry Potter!!

I have just returned from the movie.

I loved it, I adored it, it had everything I needed.


Never cried for Snape before ... that's new ...

I have to write reports ...

So, my kid had her appendix out on the weekend which has put my mid-year report writing waaaaaaaaaaaay back.

Serious fail.

I already have severe anxiety over doing them at all as I have never done them before and now I have lost 4 days to the hospital.

This is gunna suck.

The kid is okay though. :D But I'm glad I'm going back to work tomorrow to get away from her *hides* She never gave the nurses this much 'tude about her meds! Her father can have her tomorrow and he's welcome to her! I'm going to go and play sport, cook and watch a movie with my class :P They haven't seen me all week so they might punish me so I'm going to be relaxed - it is, after all Friday. (I will also mention to them that I *am* writing their reports and they will know that pissing me off would be a stupid idea - this will buy me at least a week of good behaviour ROFLOL

I am a good teacher!

Here's why ...Collapse )

The first round of job offers is up for the year. Which is exciting and scary ...Collapse )